Bad Baddys Band: Blue's Maine


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Excerpt from Bangor Daily News:

“The Bad Daddys play a gritty, gravelly grab bag of blues and rock… it’s one of the finest local albums released in Maine this year” — Emily Burnham, Bangor Daily News

Excerpt from The Ellsworth American, May, 2008 

“Something Borrowed, Something Blue”

“The Bad Daddys”.... have been emulating their favorite blues players and adding its own sound and styling to the genre for six years.  The band has attracted a dedicated and growing fan base and their first disc released this month should extend their audience to any home with a Cd player…The gritty sound pays tribute to legendary blues players who have shaped the lives of Strong and Waring, while at the same time pushing the boundaries of blues/rock music….”

—by James Straub, Ellsworth American


From the Kennebec Journal/Morning Sentinel:

This CD comes to us from a quartet of blues-rockers from the mid-Maine coastal region (Castine, to be exact) called The Bad Daddys. The group features Paul Waring (lead vocals and guitar), Al Strong (lead guitar), Jimmy Klemmenz (bass), and Scott Mills (drums).

The nine tracks that make up "The Bad Daddys" are all original compositions (three from Strong, three from Waring and three from Waring and Strong together) and are rock-solid and display a total understanding of their genre.  In fact, I would be hard pressed to pick a single song that I prefer over the others -- they are all that good.

Waring's got the perfect voice -- rough-hewn and gravelly with just a hint of swagger, while Strong's chops are tasty, tight and immaculate. Klemmenz's bass walks with authority while being clean and deep at the same time and Mills' stick work keeps everybody right where they should be.

All told, this self-titled CD is as good as anything I've received from Alligator or Blind Pig -- meaning that they have everything that the national acts have in the spades and they come from our own state.

Anyone who loves blues-rock should check out this exceptional album.

Maine Blues Society CD Review—May/June 2008 Newsletter 

“The Bad Daddy’s debut self-titled album is filled with soulful  and  masterful vocals,  strong guitar picking and full-bodied bass and drums.  My favorite song keeps changing as there is not a bad track on the album. If you like heavy guitar blues this is a truly fine CD to add to your collection” —Duane Little, President, Maine Blues Society

CD review by Peter “Blewzman” Lauro of Mary 4Music: 


Unfortunately, there are so many excellent regional bands that most of the world never gets to hear of.  Fortunately for me, doing what I do exposes me to a large share of them.  Simply stated - this is the principal reason I enjoy my work. 

The latest band I've had the pleasure of being musically exposed to are THE BAD DADDYS, from the great northeastern state of Maine, and it is my hope that what I'm about to write will give them even the greater exposure a band of this caliber deserves. 

THE BAD DADDYS consist of PAUL WARING, lead vocals and guitar; AL STRONG, lead guitar; JIMMY KLEMMENZ, bass; SCOTT MILLS, drums; with special guests PHALAN GALLAGHER on saxophone and JOHN DYER on Hammond organ.  Their self titled disc - "THE BAD DADDY'S" consist of all very well written original music. 

I was immediately impressed by the discs opening track, "CUT YOU LOOSE".  The second PAUL started singing I thought to myself that this was a voice destined to sing the blues - then the rest of the disc reinforced that thought.  Strong guitar by AL and very tight rhythm from JIMMY and SCOTT add to this tracks highlights. 

 "AIN'T GOT THE TIME" might just be what PHALAN said to the guys when they asked him to appear on the disc.  Unfortunately, this is only one of three tracks where he gets to work his magic on the sax.  Great lead and rhythm guitar from PAUL and AL also make this another good one.  Oh, did I mention the great vocals yet? 

"CHANGE OF HEART" is a burning ballad with absolutely wonderful guitar work and deeply emotional vocals.  John's only appearance on the organ help make this one of the discs finer tracks. 

THE BAD DADDY'S share that ill-fated ailment that affects most of us today, they have those "WORKING MAN BLUES".  Ya see, the way PAUL tells it - his children need shoes, his wife needs clothes and he needs money for drinking.  At least he has his priorities in order.  Some of AL'S best guitar work can be heard right here.

Everyone that's ever read my reviews knows that the Blewzzman's favorite type of blues are those low down "SLOW BLUES".....they just don't get any better than that.  This track is slow blues at it's incomparable best.  The soft and steady rhythm, the scorching blues guitar riffs and the heart felt vocals make this the most impressive track on the disc.  I could have easily taken another eight minutes of the nearly eight minute track. 

 OK, you're done reading this, now close this screen and get over to and grab a copy of "THE BAD DADDY'S".  While you're there, tell them you heard Blewzzman tellin' the world this band is a bunch of real bad daddy's.

Peter "Blewzzman" Lauro

Blues Editor @